Pay Your Employees with Ease

Comdata is a pioneer of paycards, and we provide the world’s leading businesses with superior electronic workforce payment solutions. Whether you’re interested in moving toward total electronic pay, making payroll better for employees or streamlining processes, our job is to make yours easier. To do that, we provide dedicated implementation support, and create customized training and rollout programs designed to optimize adoption of paycard.

Save Time and Reduce Paper Checks
The Comdata Payroll Card is designed to make your life—and the lives of your employees—easier. By eliminating paper checks, you can reduce time and expenses for your payroll staff while giving your employees the ability to access their paycheck instantly without the hassle or fees of cashing a check. Our payroll cards are backed by MasterCard®, giving your employees the security and universal acceptance of the MasterCard network.

Eliminate the Hassle of Disbursing Funds for Per Diems and Reimbursements
At Comdata, we understand that not everyone has a paycard and sometimes you need to load funds to a card only once as a bonus for a great job or reimbursement for an unexpected travel expense. That’s why we created our Corporate Disbursement Card program—to help you disburse funds to those employees or non-employees without the need to cut a paper check.

Manage Employee Payments on Travel and Company Expenses
Not every employee needs a Corporate Card, but sometimes there are special projects or business expenses that come up that need to be covered. With a Prepaid Coporate Spending Card, you can preload allocated funds before a project or trip begins and, once completed, any remaining dollars can be left on the card or retracted back to the company. No need to open an additional credit line.

Reward Employees With Less Work
Finding the right way to acknowledge hard-working employees, celebrate a milestone or say “thank you” can be difficult. Make it simple with an Incentive Card. Used like a preloaded reward card, our incentive cards provide an easy and cost-effective way to recognize your employees and meaningful business relationships. It’s a stress reliever with your company branding on it. What’s better than that?


Paying Employees with Cards vs Checks





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