Build your success using the Comdata Mastercard® and MyFleet Program.

Get the fuel management and savings program designed specifically for owner-operators and truckers.

Save Where and When It Matters Most!

As an owner-operator or trucker, your bottom line is about more than getting a load somewhere on time. You’re running a business and it can be complicated.

Tailored to your unique needs, the MyFleet Program provides access to savings, capital and compliance solutions to build your business success. As part of the MyFleet Program, use the Comdata Mastercard to save on fuel, quickly cover the cost of maintenance and repairs or pay for scales. We can even help you simplify compliance with important services such as IFTA tax administration.

Driver Benefits

  • Fuel at thousands of nationwide locations in the Comdata proprietary network or anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
  • Cover maintenance costs with near-universal acceptance on the Mastercard network.
  • Gain immediate access to company advances.
  • Simplify regulatory filing for HoS and IFTA using ELD and dashcam technologies from KeepTruckin.
  • Use the most trusted payment method for scales and tire purchases.

The Comdata Mastercard is backed by Comdata and Mastercard universal acceptance networks. It provides access to preferred discounts at leading fuel merchants and thousands of independent locations nationwide. Get the spending controls you need to save money and manage your business.

  • Access pre-negotiated fuel discounts at leading diesel merchants and thousands of independent locations across North America.
  • Cover unexpected or routine maintenance needs with near-universal acceptance on the Mastercard network.
  • Save 30 minutes or more on every CAT Scale weigh by using the “Weigh My Truck” app with your Comdata Mastercard.

Comdata’s Compliance Solutions are designed to help you cut through the red tape of regulation and give you better tools for staying on the move. From permits to fuel tax and licensing, Comdata provides you with a team of highly experienced specialists and a comprehensive suite of regulatory compliance solutions in North America. 

  • Automate IFTA filings, including mileage logs, fuel transaction matching, and calculations.
  • Simplify permit ordering and allow real-time tracking of oversize and overnight, trip and fuel permits.
  • Quickly identify and contract for pilot cars.
  • E-file watermarked copies of your 2290 taxes in 24 hours.
  • Manage licensing and registrations. 

The Comdata MyFleet Program provides a number of solutions that you need to maintain and grow your business. Whether it’s a line of credit, pre-funded accounts, or funding with factored funds, MyFleet has the tools you need to cover the expected and unexpected expenses you encounter in the office and on the road.

  • Access the credit to run your business using credit lines for approved accounts.
  • Simplify expense management using debit-based cash accounts.