It's Time to Optimize Your Payments Program

Comdata is proud to partner with ExpenseEDGE to offer payment solutions to your dealership.

Comdata helps our clients build payment programs across accounts payable, travel, purchasing and payroll. As a ExpenseEDGE Certified supplier, we think we can help your dealership build a world-class payment solution.

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Turn paying your bills into a revenue generator with Comdata’s AP Automation solutions. Partnering with Comdata minimizes the cost and labor associated with paper check payments, streamlines your AP processes and improves security. In addition, we seamlessly integrate with most ERP systems and maximize your vendor enrollment, all while paying you monthly rebates.

Comdata’s virtual credit card program allows you to deliver payments electronically using a secure, single-use Mastercard account number. Like a check, these payments can only be processed by a single vendor for a specific amount, but without the cost and hassle of printing and mailing.
   Virtual Credit Card

With Comdata’s Corporate Mastercard you get a purchasing card, T&E card and fuel card—all on one piece of plastic. With multiple spending capabilities on one card, there’s less to keep track of for your employees—for those in the field and back at the office.That means fewer invoices and one location for all reporting and data for easier oversight. What’s even better? Your company can generate revenue for every dollar spent with fast monthly rebates.
Corporate Credit Card Solutions

Comdata’s suite of Travel Expense Management solutions provide better control over your business travel program, less fraud risk, more savings and the data and insights your team needs to negotiate the best rates with travel providers. Comdata also makes life on the road easier for your employees with industry-leading mobile applications to manage travel and submit expense reports.
Expense Management Solutions.png

Whether it’s for payroll, per diems, rewards or termination pay, you probably print a lot of checks for your employees. And disbursing those checks to employees at work sites can be difficult. Comdata offers paycard programs that allow you to reduce the number of checks you are writing and deliver those funds on a reloadable card that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. 

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