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Comdata has a suite of payment solutions that solve the everyday challenges you face as manager of your organization. And because we’re not a bank—or a circus—there aren’t any hoops to jump through.

AP Automation

Why should you automate your payments? Well, it’s not 1982 anymore. Pay your vendors electronically and save $5.14 for every check you don’t have to write. Setup is easy and you get better control, security and insight into your spending. Plus, our exclusive vendor enrollment team helps ensure the people you need to pay are set up on their end, too. Welcome to the 21st century.

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Expense Control

“I love doing unnecessary work,” said nobody ever. Consolidate your company’s purchasing, travel and entertainment, and fleet expenses onto one single card to eliminate the hassle that comes with having multiple cards. The Comdata Commercial MasterCard® covers a wide range of expenses, giving you better insight into spending, enhanced security, and reduced administrative costs. That sounds better.

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Prepaid Solutions

Comdata Prepaid Solutions can help you pay and incentivize your employees and business relationships. Payroll Cards, Incentive and Rewards Cards, Prepaid MasterCard Program and Corporate Disbursement Cards allow you to give your employees the flexibility to spend their money how they want while you get the security that prepaid cards provide. Plus, you reduce the costs associated with paper checks. Lots of birds: one stone.

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Payroll Cards

Payroll Cards are an alternative to paper paychecks. Save money by loading employees’ paychecks electronically on a card instead of printing paper checks. The card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted and is also available for non-banked employees.

Incentive and Rewards Cards

Incentive and Rewards Cards work like gift cards. Load funds to the card and give them out to incentivize or reward employees and special business relationships.

Corporate Spending Cards

Corporate Spending Cards give your employees the funds they need for projects and travel, without your company having to worry about unreasonable charges because you predetermine the spending limit.

Corporate Disbursement Cards

Corporate Disbursement Cards offer a better solution to writing checks to reimburse employees. Simply load the funds to a card each time they submit expense reports and save costs associated with printing checks.

A leader in B2B payment solutions

We are not a bank—so we don’t act like one. That means there’s no red tape or hoops to jump through, lower overhead, better data integration and more personal relationships with each and every client—large or small. Most importantly, we operate with flexibility that will not affect your current banking relationships.

With more than 45 years of experience, we are a leader in B2B payment solutions, with over $60 billion in payment volume annually. Our solutions change the way companies like yours manage data, pay employees, streamline process, reduce risk and control spending. With programs and products tailored to fit specific business requirements, we are the right partners to turn to for your payment needs.

See what can Comdata do for you?

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